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My name is Swathi Ram. As a UX Researcher, I utilize a mixed-methods approach to inform design decisions and increase accessibility in existing systems.
Studying Philosophy in parallel with Computer Science fostered my curiosity to understand the ethical issues that arise due to technology. Throughout my work and studies, I’ve grown passionate about the intersection between ethics and engineering and how HCI will continue to transform the tech industry.

As I work on this portfolio of my professional work, I am also particularly proud of completing my senior thesis for philosophy centered around the intricacy of human relationships and the fluidity of friendship (if you’re interested you can read it here)

Outside my academic and professional pursuits, I love reading modern philosophy and classic fiction, creating digital art, and taking care of my many plants.

I also adore spending time with my wonderful cat, Pixie, who is pictured here:
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I'm always looking for opportunities to connect and learn!

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